Lughnassadh Correspondences

August 1st or 15 degrees of Leo This is the last of the four great fire festivals of the Wheel of the Year and is the first of three harvest festivals. This harvest celebration encompasses hay, grain, corn and cereal yields. It is best known for its festive atmosphere and temporary hand-fasting. This is the festival of the Irish God Lugh. He is the God … Continue reading Lughnassadh Correspondences

My Missing Brother-In-Law- UPDATE!

UPDATE: Pete has been found. He is safe and he is home. Thank you to everyone who aided in finding him! This is Pete. He’s my brother in law and he’s been missing for 8 days now. We don’t know where he went or where he could be. A missing person’s report was filed yesterday with the police, but because he’s an adult, there’s not … Continue reading My Missing Brother-In-Law- UPDATE!

The Element of Fire

This is going to be a brief list of correspondences for the element of Fire. There are many more than this, but this is a good start. Direction- South Colors- red, orange Gender- masculine Animals- dragon, lion, horse (when their hooves strike sparks), lizards, snakes, Ladybugs, Scorpions, Burrowing animals; badger, porcupine, coyote, fox, mice, most dogs, cats; fire, faith, protectors. Elemental Beings- Salamanders, Firedrakes, the … Continue reading The Element of Fire

Things I Don’t Usually Discuss

I don’t usually write about things here unless they’re related to Paganism/Spirituality, but something happened over the weekend that moved me to not only write this on my Facebook profile, but to share it here as well.  *I just want to say that there may be some triggers here for anyone who has ever been sexually assaulted.*   If you’ve been anywhere near a computer … Continue reading Things I Don’t Usually Discuss

So Mote It Be!

“So mote it be” is a ritual phrase used by Freemasons, in Rosicrucianism, and more recently by Neopagans. It means “so may it be”, “so it is required”, or “so must it be”, and may be said at the end of a prayer in a similar way to “amen”. The phrase appears in the Halliwell or Regius Manuscript, the earliest known document relating to a … Continue reading So Mote It Be!

The Difference Between Banishing and Binding

This one’s going to be really brief. When you have someone in your life that’s trying to attack you psychically, physically, emotionally or mentally, you can either bind them or banish them. Binding them will stop the attack. Whereas Banishing them will remove them from your life altogether. Either is fine, as long as you make sure you aren’t performing the act for personal gain … Continue reading The Difference Between Banishing and Binding