A Story of Reincarnation

I had this whole plan whereby I was going to do all this research and write this grand blog on reincarnation throughout different cultures. I thought that would have been really interesting. I still do, and maybe one day I’ll take the time to do all of that research, but for now I think I’ll just talk a little about my daughter. When she was … Continue reading A Story of Reincarnation

What is a Book of Shadows?

A Book of Shadows is a spiritual journal in which you record your spiritual journey. In the 1950’s, Gerald Gardner introduced the Book of Shadows (aka BOS) to his coven. It was his personal book of spells, rituals, etc. The people in his coven were allowed to copy his BOS and take it as their own, adding to it and subtracting from it as they … Continue reading What is a Book of Shadows?

The Akashic Records

Welcome! Every so often on Saturdays I’m going to do a sort of Glossary term entry. Some days these entries will be long and informative, other days they’ll be short. Today I’m going to talk briefly about the Akashic Records. Akasha (ākāśa आकाश) is the Sanskrit word for “aether” or “atmosphere”. Also, in the Nepali language, Akash (आकाश) means “sky” or “heaven”. In simplest terms, the Akashic Record is … Continue reading The Akashic Records

How I Found My Path

Hi everyone! In this blog I’ve decided to talk about how I came to be on my path. I was adopted into a very Catholic family. Well, my grandmother was devout. The rest just sort of gave in to her beliefs because it was easier than fighting her on it. Church was on Saturday nights, followed by grocery shopping, each equally important. Per my grandmother’s … Continue reading How I Found My Path

Weekend Light Bulb Moments

You ever have one of those moments when everything shifts and you’re seeing more clearly than you have in a long time? One of those moments that take all the things you’ve been hearing for months or even years, and suddenly that damn light bulb clicks on over your head and you finally got it! That’s been happening to me this weekend.  I love this … Continue reading Weekend Light Bulb Moments