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Hi! I’m the Cunning Witch! I’ve been a practicing witch for over 25 years. I’m a Mom and Wife. I love travel and making plans for my future, while living in the present. I’m an amateur photographer. I’ve studied herbology and crystals for years. Some of the Pagan practices I’ve studied and been involved with are Wicca, Druidry, Native American Spirituality, Faerie Magic and you’re basic run of the mill Solitary Eclectic.

I’m obsessed with the Elements and the role they play in my everyday life. When I’m in the kitchen preparing food for my family I do it with the intention of adding more than just kitchen spices into my meals. I also sprinkle in love, prosperity and protection. 

I’ve recently gotten messages from Spirit telling me that I need to do more teaching, so that’s what I’m all about here: teaching you everything I’ve learned in my 25+ years as a practicing witch. So grab a cup of hot tea, climb into a comfy chair and settle in.


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