Elemental Fire Meditation

Meditating with Fire can be as simple as sitting in front of a candle flame or something a little more intense, like spending the evening feeding the fire outside a sweat lodge. Whatever your experience, Fire does not disappoint.

My favorite way to meditate with the Fire Element is to go outside, build a bonfire and sit staring into it on a cool evening. Sitting out in the warm sun is another way to meditate with Fire energy, although if you decide to do this please wear sunscreen. Sun- good. Skin Cancer- bad. If you’re fortunate enough to have a wood stove or fire place, you can also meditate with fire while gazing at the burning wood on a cold Winter’s night.

Meditating in the warm sun is a more inward meditation though. It’s also the easiest way to do it, since you really don’t need any supplies. Just sit in the sun, close your eyes and notice the Sun warming your skin. Feel the heat all around you. Let it take you away. You might want to set a timer though, so you don’t get so engrossed that you end up a crispy critter. Also, you don’t need to be outside for this one. This can be done inside your home, sitting at a window.

Meditating with actual fire is an amazing experience. The flickering of the flames (whether from a single candle or a roaring fire) can be quite moving. So many images can flick past your eyes as you watch. If you see something that leaves and impression, you can close your eyes and investigate a little further by doing a more inward meditation.

I know not everyone may be able to do any of those things, so in that case what you could do is sit near a heat vent in the Winter or near the oven while cooking. Just be careful not to burn yourself.

You can also just close your eyes and imagine a flame dancing in front of you. Imagine the shapes it takes and take in any messages it may have for you.

Go big! Don’t just imagine you’re sitting in front of a candle flame. Imagine you’re down inside a thundering, erupting volcano watching the lava churning up all sorts of shapes… or maybe you’re walking on the sun watching sunspots explode!

However you imagine it and visualize it is completely up to you! SO have fun with it.

Many blessing to you all!



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