My Missing Brother-In-Law- UPDATE!

UPDATE: Pete has been found. He is safe and he is home. Thank you to everyone who aided in finding him!

This is Pete. He’s my brother in law and he’s been missing for 8 days now. We don’t know where he went or where he could be. A missing person’s report was filed yesterday with the police, but because he’s an adult, there’s not much they can or will do. So I’ve spent my entire day today online posting his photo and information on every website and missing person’s Facebook page I could find. 

Name- Peter Zechariah Sutton
DOB- September 17, 1993
23 yrs. old
180 lbs.
Blond hair
Blue eyes
Tattoos- 1 panther on his upper right arm. 1 tiger on his chest
Car- 1993 Subaru Legacy Wagon, dark green
Last seen in Enola, PA. on July 13, 2017

Please help us bring Pete home.


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