Divination: Pyromancy

Due to the importance of fire in ancient history, it’s very likely that this is one of our earliest forms of divination. Because our brains are hard wired to organize what we see in the chaos of fire, it’s easy to see why it became such a widely used form of Divination.

We stare into the flames of a fire, allowing our higher selves to come through and interpret what we see in those flames. This can also be done with a single candle flame. Images spill through, filling our mind’s eye with messages from the spirit world and our higher selves, showing us what we need to see.

This isn’t high ritual. This isn’t something we need to cast a circle for or even make special preparations. This is sitting in from of fire and flame, allowing it to speak to our deepest selves.

*As always with fire, safety comes first.


Many blessings to all!


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