Void of Course

The Moon is a fast moving planet and changes every 2 – 2 1/2 days from one zodiac house to another. The Void of Course of Moon is the time between the last aspect of the Moon when transiting one sign and the point that it enters the next zodiac sign. The Moon goes Void of course every two days or so and this can last from a few minutes to several hours.

The Void of Course of Moon indicates that there is nothing to worry about and nothing bad will happen. It is only that there would be certain delays and hindrances in your tasks. There would be unwanted troubles and hassles en-route in life during this time period. The Void of Course of Moon is a time when you should refrain from making important personal or professional decisions in life as during this time you would not be armed with enough information related to the task at hand. You are advised to stay away from signing important contracts or making important purchases. Do not enter into wordy or physical duels for this time. But life would be trouble-free and full of fun if you know when to act and when not to…

Do’s during a Void of Course Moon

• Carry out your day to day routine works.
• Organize and spring clean your home or desk.
• Spiritual pursuits can be taken up.
• Take stock of your shortcomings and mistakes in life.
• Sleep and relax your body and soul.
• Participate in social events and have fun with friends.
• Travel but do not drive yourself. Take public transport instead.

Try some groundbreaking things that you have not tried till date.

Don’ts during a Void of Course Moon

• Do not start important or life-changing projects during the void-of-course Moon.
• Avoid new meetings related to career.
• Do not start any new relationships.
• Do not start or join a new job when the Moon is void of course.
• Plans made during the void-of-course Moon do not turn out as expected. Hence do not plan.
• Do not buy anything new as it would be totally useless after sometime.

To find out exactly when Void of Course is taking place, just google: Void of Course 2017 (or whatever year you’re looking for).


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