Elemental Air Meditation

Meditating with Air can be as simple as sitting in front of a fan or as strenuous as climbing a mountain top to feel a good strong breeze.

My favorite way to meditate with the Air Element is to go outside and sit with my face to the sun, full breeze blowing straight at me. Spring is the best time for that.

I imagine all of the day’s drama, stress and upset being blown away with the breeze. I feel all of the negativity floating away from me. As the last bit floats out of my body, I pause for a moment and breathe deeply, smelling the light sweet scent of air around me.

With my hands and arms lifted into the air, I imagine drawing down in from all of the air around me. I feel renewed with the brisk swirling of the Universal breath all around and inside of me.

You can stand in this position for as long as you like or as long as the breeze is blowing. Take in deep breathes of air and let it fill your body! If there are people around, you’re likely to get some strange looks, but that’s just because they don’t know just how awesome you’ll be feeling in that moment!

I know that not everyone can do this. Having grown up in the city, I know it can be difficult to take a deep breath without also drawing in smog, fumes from cars and other city smells. I’ve done this very same meditation inside in front of a fan. You can even put a scented candle on the far side of the fan so that it blows the aroma straight at you.

I know it’s not the same as fresh air, but it’s still very effective. Just close your eyes and visualize yourself standing outside in an open field with the warm sun on your face and a nice breeze blowing toward you.

If you can’t even get a fan to blow the air at you, that’s fine too. That’s when you let your imagination do all the work.

Go big! Don’t just imagine you’re outside in a field. Imagine you’ve climbed the highest mountain and are standing above the whole rest of the world at the eye of a storm whirling all around you! Remember that you are the eye! You are the calm in that storm!

However you imagine it and visualize it is completely up to you! SO have fun with it.

Many blessing to you all!



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