Herb of the Month


Element of Fire and Earth.

Male Energy.

Planetary Associations: Sun

Zodiac Association: Leo

Associated Dieties: The Cedar wood tree is sacred to Artemis, Sezh and Persephone.

Cedar is a sacred tree of Celtic Astrology 9 February to 18 February. Cedar is associated with the goldfinch.

Druids sometimes associated this tree with the Tree of Life.

Norse peoples sometimes referred the Tree of Life to as Grandmother Cedar.

Associated with the Greek Goddess Persephone during her detainment in the Underworld.

Associated with the Celt Goddess Sezh that watches over the realm of fertility, herbs, and trees.

Used by King Solomon, one of the greatest mystics of all time, in the building of the temple in Jerusalem.

Cedar is sacred to the feast of Imbolc, also referred to by Elvish tradition the Feast of Shava.

Jewish traditions hold the Cedar tree in the highest regards. No tree is mentioned more in the Jewish Torah than the Cedar tree.

Cedar is one of the traditional nine woods used in the Druid balefire.

Magical Properties: Cedar wands cleanse negative atmospheres.

Cedar wood is used for the creation of sacred spaces.

Cedar wood to be related to longevity, protection, and preservation.

Often used to summon helpful spirits during rituals and invocations.

Cedar can be used as a symbol, charm, and talisman to represents propriety, long life, and growth.

The Cherokee believe the Cedar tree to hold powerful ancestor spirits bestowed by Ouga (Creator) in the beginning of existence.

Cedar above the entry door will drive away negative influences and evil spirits.

Cedar wood is often used to cleanse, heal, and protect.

Cedar trees can be planted to preserve sacred spots, forests, and groves.

Cedars shavings can be ritually burnt to dedicate sacred spaces.

Use Cedar wood in solar spells of all kinds that are designed to strengthen and illuminate your focus.


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