The Element of Air

This is going to be a brief list of correspondences for the element of Air. There are many more than this, but this is a good start.

Direction- East

Color- yellow

Gender- masculine

Animals- all birds, winged angels, flying insects.

Elemental Being- sylphs, zephyrs and fairies that inhabit the world of trees, flowers, winds, breezes, mountains

Zodiac- Libra, Aquarius, Gemini

Deities- Enlil, Hermes, Quetzacoatl, Thoth, Arianrhod, Athena, Danu, Isis, Kwan Yin, Nuit.

Herbs/Plants/Trees- Acacia, alder, anise, aspen trees, ball moss, birch, cedar, elm, cloves, dandelion, dark leafy vegetables, frankincense, ivy, lavender, lemon, lemongrass, mace, marjoram, milkweed, mimosa, mint, mistletoe, most trees, myrrh, pansy, philodendron, primrose, sage, verbena, vervain, violet, wildflowers, yarrow.

Stones- amethyst, aventurine, carnelian, chalcedony, citrine, fluorite, jasper, lapis lazuli, mica, pumice, sapphire, topaz.

Places on the Earth- Mountaintops, Wind-swept plains, Cloudy skies, High towers, Airports, Schools, Libraries, Offices, Travel agencies, Psychiatrist’s offices.

Kitchen Magic- steam rising from hot food

Offerings- incenses, sage

Time- dawn

Moon Phase- New

Magical Tools- Wand, staff, feather, pen, broom, scourge, incense, censer, oaken symbol, feather fan.

Season- Spring

Properties- This is the Element of the intellect, learning, and new beginnings.





2 thoughts on “The Element of Air

  1. I found you again! It’s interesting the first thing that comes up when I see your sight is my element… Air. You’re amazing woman! Beautiful site you have. Blessings to you!! Mama Owl 🙂


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