Spring Equinox Correspondences

Day and night are equal now, but not for long. After this, the days will grow longer and brighter to welcome in the warm time of the year as the sun gets higher in the sky. As the Goddess rises from below, she brings with her all the flora and fauna that has disappeared over the frigid winter months. The Goddess warms the seeds within the earth to awaken new life. In days of old, these signs of budding trees, blooming flowers and such, were the precursors to the return of the Goddess.

Bonfires were lit to warm the earth and awaken the sleeping life within. In ancient times, this day was called Ostara and was the forerunner to the Christian holiday of Easter. Children now decorate eggs and eat chocolate bunnies to celebrate, but originally, the bunny represented the fertility of the land as it came back to life after long winter months. The eggs were colored and eaten for prosperity and fertility. By dying the eggs specific colors, you can then bury them in the yard as a prayer, (blue- peace, pink- love, green- prosperity).

The best way to celebrate this day is by going for a walk in nature and greeting the renewed earth as she awakens from her long winter nap.

Also Called- Ostara, Eostar, Alban Eiler, Vernal Equinox, Easter, Bird Festival.

Traditions– collecting and painting bird’s eggs, egg hunts, feasts, bird watching from dawn to mid-morning to watch for returning flocks, decorate your house with fresh flowers, take long walks, planting seeds, starting an herb garden.

Symbols– rabbits, Easter bunny, chicks, colored eggs, swallows, robins.

Foods– light foods, fish, maple sugar, candles, sweet breads, eggs, leafy green vegetables, dairy foods, flower dishes, pumpkin and sunflower seeds, sprouts.

Herbs– daffodil, jonquil, woodruff, violet, gorse, iris, peony, olive, narcissus; all spring flowers, lavender, bloom.

Stones– jasper

Colors– pastels, green, yellow, gold, robin’s egg blue.

Deities– Taliesin, Aphrodite, Venus

Time of Day– Dawn

Astrological Sign– Aries

Element– Fire

Direction- South.


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