Magical Tools

Censer, Boline, Asperger, Drums, Rattles, Singing Bowls

I wanted to take a moment and talk a little about some of the other magical tools that are used. The big 4 are the Wand, Athame, Chalice and Pentacle. There are many other tools that can be used during ritual though.

The Censer– If you’ve ever been to a Catholic Church, you’ve seen the Priests swinging an incense holder hanging from a chain. This is a censer, and at least in the church, contains myrrh or frankincense, among other incenses.

For Pagan ritual use, we don’t usually have a censer hanging from a chain. Nowadays we use a fire safe plate or bowl to burn cone incense or an incense holder for the incense sticks. Because incense is being burned and is lit with fire, it’s considered a tool of the elements of both Air and Fire.

The Boline- This is a different kind of ritual knife than the athame. The athame cuts and draws on the spiritual plane, whereas the bolline cuts on the physical plane. It’s used to carve symbols into the sides of candles, wild harvesting herbs for ritual use and any other physical cutting needed to be done for spiritual purposes.

The Asperger– This tool is used when cleansing an area, your person or objects. An Asperger as basically a bundle of herbs dipped into water (spring water, salt water, etc.) and waved about in order to cleanse.

Drums, Rattles and Singing Bowls– There are many uses for these 3 tools. They’re used in healing ceremonies, cleansing rituals, meditation and more. Drumming has always been seen as the heartbeat of our Mother Earth. All 3 are perfect for inducing meditative trance-like states. Sound is often used as a means of cleansing because the sound waves break up negative energies.

See my original post on Magical Tools.

Many Blessings to you All!



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