The Akashic Records


Every so often on Saturdays I’m going to do a sort of Glossary term entry. Some days these entries will be long and informative, other days they’ll be short. Today I’m going to talk briefly about the Akashic Records.

Akasha (ākāśa आकाश) is the Sanskrit word for “aether” or “atmosphere”. Also, in the Nepali language, Akash (आकाश) means “sky” or “heaven”.

In simplest terms, the Akashic Record is a record of everything that’s ever happened in the past, everything that’s happening in the present and everything that will happen in the future. It has been called the Book of Life and likened to the Bible.

This isn’t a physical place you can access. Instead, it’s on the Ethereal Plane. I liken it to an endless library where each book represents one life out of all of the lives each of us has lived in the past, our current life and those lives we’ll live in the future. This Hall of Records is ever expanding, just like our Universe.

It’s said that it can be accessed and used to remind us of our life’s purpose, among other things and while it’s possible to read the records of others, I would advise against this. This goes against the purpose of these records.

They aren’t there for you to find out about other people. They exist as a reminder of who you are on your soul level, and who you’re meant to be on all levels.




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