Herb of the Month


Harnessing its Magical Powers

To increase the frequency of your dreams, help you remember them, and allow you to see into the future, make a dream pillow out of Mugwort. TO make a dream pillow, simply stuff a small pillow with the dried herb and keep it near your head when you sleep.

Hang a dried Mugwort plant over your front door to keep out negative entities and keep away elves and fairies.

Use a tea made from Mugwort to two cups of boiling water and allow it to steep for about ten minute before straining it. You can either simply wash your crystals and magical instruments in the tea or soak them overnight. I like to put my crystals in a bowl of the tea and place them outside on the night of the full moon, making sure the moonlight will shine on them.

To attract love and increase fertility, place a bit of the dried plant in an amulet.




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