The Broom Closet

Being in or out of the Broom Closet is a euphemism for whether or not everyone knows if you’re a Witch, Pagan, etc., or not. Whenever I talk to people about this I hear two distinct thoughts.

The first is that you should be proud of who you are and should be able to yell it to the rooftops.

The second is that following non-Abrahamic traditions is scary to people who don’t know about religions/spiritual paths beyond Christianity and you should therefore keep your beliefs to yourself.

I think both of these are valid thoughts. It can be scary sometimes to sit down with someone who really doesn’t know anything about working with multiple deities. I can only imagine how insane it must sound to them.

Generally speaking, I don’t go around my small farming community telling everyone about my beliefs. I also don’t work hard to hide them either.

I have a wooden pentacle hanging on my front porch, but around here, they’re all the rage anyway.

I live in Central PA, home to hex magic. Just driving around the country side of Pennsylvania will afford you a peak into the Dutch folk magic that permeates the area, mostly on old barns anymore. So my hanging of certain things in and outside of my home doesn’t necessarily scream Witch so much as it just looks like I’m into Pennsylvania Dutch history.

PA Dutch Hexcraft Symbols.

Obviously online I’m out of the broom closet, or you wouldn’t be reading any of this. I’ve been fortunate to not be harassed by bible pounding evangelicals worried about my immortal soul. I know there are quite a few Facebook pages that get trolled by them quite often.

For some people, being out of the broom closet means flashing pentacle necklaces and dressing all in black while defying non-believers to question their ways.

For me, I have a standard uniform of jeans and t-shirts when out, and sweats and t-shirts when at home, lol.

My family and friends know all about my spiritual proclivities and if they have questions, I try to answer them in terms they’re more comfortable with. I don’t get upset if they don’t understand. I just try to meet them where they are, with the understanding that they may be truly frightened by what I’m saying.

I get that. I think it’s frightening whenever I think about the people that believe my unborn and miscarried siblings had to do time in purgatory before ascending to heaven.

We all have fears and sometimes our beliefs and history feed those fears.

For me, I like to take my broom closet with me wherever I go. That way I can stay in or come out whenever I like. 😀

Blessings to all!




Are you in or out of the closet?




5 thoughts on “The Broom Closet

  1. I suppose I’m in a similar situation. One foot in, one foot out. I want to be more out than in but I never know who I can and cannot trust with that information about myself, and more often than not it’s not relevant to most people anyway. It’s barely relevant to my partner and as a result he only knows the bare-bones-basics of what I do. XD


    1. It’s definitely hard to decide who you can trust with the info. I’m lucky that my husband (an Atheist) and my 24 yr old daughter (a Christian) love me and accept me for who I am. The new people I meet don’t always get to know this side of me, but fortunately because of social media on the internet, I’m able to meet people online that I can share this side of me with and that makes a huge difference. 😀

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  2. Too funny, I actually have that very same card package of Hex signs, and we live in Amish/Mennonite country in Goshen, IN, not unlike the Lancaster area of PA. Until the wind blew it off signaling time for us to move to much preferred Michigan, I had a wooden pentacle hanging on a trellis facing towards the street. All the Amish families riding their bikes past would wave and nod approvingly. 😉

    In or out is kind of like for those with “eyes to see and ears to hear” … I don’t flash it too obviously, nor do I hide it, except in plain view. If it’s not in someone’s context they won’t get it anyway. Thanks for the post. Good to see someone else recognizes the similarities between the hex signs and old fashioned hexing. It’s not that different, despite the fears! Blessed Be…


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