Manifesting positivity

Hi everybody!

I know in recent days there’s been a lot of fear and negativity flowing over the internet.

It’s been really hard to take at times. I’ve had to make some changes in how I spend my time on social media and it’s been for the better.

It’s hard sometimes to keep positive when the things you want to happen, don’t. But that’s just life. Not everything in your life hangs in the balance of one situation. There’s so much more to be grateful for and to work towards and pinning your hopes and dreams on one thing isn’t really the smart bet.

I’ve been working really hard to stay positive and to let that be the energy that flows from me. I’ve got so much in my life that’s wonderful. I have awesome friends, a loving husband, an amazing daughter, a job I love, hobbies that enrich my soul and amazing plans for my future.

Those things are true no matter who hold office.

I make my life happy, or not… miserable, or not… not some politician. That’s all on me.

And it’s all on you too.

If you want to manifest something positive in your life, talking about the negative isn’t how to go about it.

It’s more important now than ever before to move in the flow of love and peace and unity.

We must stop tearing each other down and start building each other up.

Our similarities are greater than our differences so lets focus on that.

Let’s focus on what we want in our lives instead of what we fear.



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