Magical Tool Substitutions

  • Athame- butter knife or your hand or pointer finger.
  • Chalice- any cup will do. I’ve sometimes even used my daughter’s sterling silver baby cup.
  • Pentacle- my first pentacle was a green star I painted onto a round piece of wood. You can also use something as simple as a drawing on a piece of paper as well.
  • Wand- anything foot long branch from any tree or again, your hand or pointer finger. You can also use a wooden spoon.
  • Rattles- Tupperware bowls filled with small pebbles.
  • Drums- use a wooden spoon to beat on the underside of a pot.
  • BOS- any pad of paper or notebook will work just fine. You can even just type it into your computer. I’ve even got files loaded onto my Kindle so I don’t have to worry about flipping BOS pages during rituals.
  • Besom- our grocery store sells cinnamon brooms every year in the Fall. You can even make your own by going here or here.
  • Candles- our thrift store sells candles in all shapes and sizes, unlit and unopened, for pennies on the dollar. Cheapy dollar store birthday candles are great too and they come in different colors!
  • Cauldrons- you can use an old cast iron skillet you have or any fireproof bowl.
  • Deity Statues- I will sometimes substitute black (goddess) and white (god) candles for deities. I’ve also made my own deity dolls (stuffed felt and crocheted) over the years. You can also find some creative alternatives in thrift stores.

This is just the start though! Let your imagination run wild and remember to have fun with it!


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