Breathing Deep

The earth is a “closed system” in that it produces everything it needs to ensure the survival and growth of its occupants (animal, vegetable and mineral alike). Within the system there is a delicate balance that must be maintained.

The relationship between we humans and trees is a complicated one, but in its simplest form, humans inhale oxygen and exhale carbon dioxide. Trees convert carbon dioxide and water, using the sun, into glucose and the oxygen we breathe in again.

I inhale oxygen. I exhale carbon dioxide.

This is how I live.

This is the balance we have with nature. We are tethered to the Earth through this balance. Nowhere else we go in space (as of yet) can we find this balance.

Once we leave the womb, breathing is our first connection to all that surrounds us. Whether you’re born in a hospital with doctors or at home with a doula, you must first breathe on your own.

Breath is the foundation of life and it comes before all else. Its function is keeping us alive, so while we may be able to hold our breath for a minute or 2 voluntarily, eventually our body takes over and makes us breathe.

It’s survival.

It’s primitive.

And it’s how we relate to our surroundings at a base level.

We breathe in the air of our ancestors and our contemporaries at the same time.

We breathe in the oxygen made by trees that stood 1000 years ago.

The animals breathe in this same air.

Our relationship to Earth is dictated daily but our breath and what we take in.

The aromas of fine cooking and flowers… of perfume and coffee… all lead to inspiration and connection to each other.

We exhale prayer.

We exhale gratitude.

We exhale the air our descendants will breathe in for life.

The circle continues.


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