Greco-Roman Deities

The (major) Greek deities and their Roman counterparts. Greek name Roman name Amphitrite Salacia Ananke Necessitas Aphrodite Venus Ares Mars Artemis Diana Asclepius Aesculapius Asclepius Veiovis Athena Minerva Atropos Morta Boreas Aquilo Charites (Graces) Gratiae Chloris Flora Clotho Nona Cronus Saturn Demeter Ceres Dionysus Bacchus Enyo Bellona Eos Aurora Eos Matuta Erinyes Furies Eris Discordia Eros Cupid (Amor) Eurus Vulturnus Gaia Tellus Galinthias Galinthis Irene Pax Hades … Continue reading Greco-Roman Deities

Magical Tool Substitutions

Athame- butter knife or your hand or pointer finger. Chalice- any cup will do. I’ve sometimes even used my daughter’s sterling silver baby cup. Pentacle- my first pentacle was a green star I painted onto a round piece of wood. You can also use something as simple as a drawing on a piece of paper as well. Wand- anything foot long branch from any tree … Continue reading Magical Tool Substitutions