October 2nd, 2016

Waxing Moon

Moon Phase-1st Quarter

Sun Sign- Libra

Moon Sign- Libra

Moon enters Scorpio 3:43pm

Ruling Planet- The Sun

Void of Course Ends- 12:43pm

Saturday’s Influences- Health, abundance, healing, confidence and hope, prosperity

Color- gold

Candle- Yellow

Incense- Marigold, Mastic, Palaginia, Pepper, Dragons Blood

Perfumes- Heliotrope, orange blossom, cloves, frankincense, ambergris, musk, myrrh          

Plant Life- black eyed susan, marigold, rosemary, rue

Tree- Ivy, the Survivor

Animal- Crow/Raven

Crystals- peridot, bloodstone

Metal- Gold

Deities- Hemera, Surya, An, Angus Mac Og, Apollo, Baal, Balder, Bel, Cernunnos, Creiddylad, Frey, Harvest Lord, Lugh, Michael, Odur, Ra, Sekhmet.

Sunday is, among other things, is a good day to recharge physically and spiritually. Healing our bodies and our spirits is a good idea after a long week of working and dealing with the stresses of the world. My greatest advice for this day is that you try to maintain a strictly vegetarian diet on this day. Try to eat healthful foods that have not been processed in any way and stay away from meat all together. I usually just eat snacky kinds of foods in this day. Sliced cucumbers, pineapple rings, watermelon, celery and carrot sticks are all a part of my Sunday diet. As Sunday is ruled by the sun, you might also like to devour a nice round orange.



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