October 1st

Waxing Moon

Moon Phase– 1st Quarter

Sun Sign– Libra

Moon Sign– Libra

Ruling Planet– Saturday

Void of Course Begins– 10:43pm

Saturday’s Influence– duties, responsibilities, protection, finding families, works of magic, buildings, meditation, life, doctrines

Color– Gray

Candle– Black

Incense– Sage, Pepperwort, assodilious, black poppy seed

Perfume– Hyacinth, pansy

Plant Life– apple, dogwood, sassafrass, willow

Tree– Ivy, the Survivor

Animal- Crow/Raven

Crystals- onyx, apache tears, hematite

Metal- lead

Deities- Shani, Hanuman, Bran the Blessed, Cassiel, Dagda, Demeter/Ceres, El, Gaia/Tellus, Hades/Pluto, Nammu, Osiris, Pan, Rhea/Cybele, Saturn/Kronos, Set, Star Goddess

Saturday’s are ruled by Saturn the God of agriculture and the harvest. This is also a fine day to work protection magic. Anything with wheat and grains or gourd food is what’s on the menu. Spaghetti and garlic bread, pretzels, rice and corn with blueberry pie for dessert is a meal to look forward to.


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