The Duality of Deity

We talked about the Goddess and God in previous blogs. Now I’d like to briefly touch on another aspect—the Divine Duality. The God and Goddess are each a part of the whole. They are the masculine and the feminine side of the Creator or the Divine. We each have within us a masculine and a feminine side; we can be logical and linear and we can be emotional and intuitive. Aside from the masculine and feminine, we have the following dual natures and many more besides:

GODDESS:                                                   GOD:

Female                                                           male

Moon                                                              sun

Contracting                                                  expanding

Dark                                                                light

Yin                                                                   yang

Passive                                                           active

Internal                                                          external

unconscious mind                                      conscious mind

dreaming                                                       thinking

soft                                                                  hard

cool                                                                  warm

non-linear                                                     linear

indirect                                                           direct

death                                                               life

night                                                                day

negative                                                          positive

round                                                               square/angled

listening                                                          speaking

being                                                                 doing

force                                                                  form

invisible                                                           visible

It’s this duality that makes us who we are. It is our differences that bring us together and our similarities that cement the bond. However, one side cannot exist without the other. You have to have the Goddess to have the God and you can’t have the darkness of the shadows without the light of the sun.

As you know, there are other aspects at work also. One is the Triple Goddess. She goes by Hecate, Cerridwen, the Morrigan, Macha, Brigid, Hera, Selene, Artemis, Phoebe and many other names.

With respect to the Pgan God who is called Lord of the Green, the Green Man, Herne the Hunter, Cernunnos and Lord of the Hunt; there is the Oak King, the Holly King and the Sun-God.

The Oak and Holly Kings forever fight an enduring battle as they vie for domination as each season passes around the Wheel of the Year. The Oak King kills the Holly King at the Winter Solstice and then rules until the Summer Solstice when the Holly King returns to fight the old king again and win, thus ruling until Winter Solstice once more.

The two are seen as dual aspects of the Horned God as they battle for the favor of the Goddess. As Her consort, they mate and are born again only to be embattled once more.

The other aspect of this is the Sun-God, who is born at Yule, a babe clean and new. He is the epitome of innocence, joy and curiosity as most babies are. He is the returning light in its infancy. When Imbolc comes around, He is celebrated and coaxed along as the days grow longer. At the Spring Equinox, he is a burgeoning youth of whom the Goddess has taken notice. On the night of Beltane, while all are lighting bonfires and putting ribbons to Maypoles, the Sun-God is taking the Goddess as His bride and lover. He dies at the Summer Solstice and the days become shorter; the nights longer. The earth mourns for him through Lughnassadh and the Fall Equinox. By Samhain, he is waiting in the belly of the Goddess to be reborn again.

The God and Goddess can be complicated at first glance, but really they aren’t. It’s as simple as night and day.


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