Path to the God

In my last blog I spoke a little about the Goddess. Today I’d like to continue on and speak a little about the God.

This is not the Christian God of vengeance and hell though. This is a fatherly God of the hunt. He is sexual and strong. Proud and down to earth. He is the consort of the Goddess.

As with the Goddess, there are many pantheons and aspects of the God to choose from. More on how to do that in a later blog.

Odin, Cernunnos, Tunkasila, Pan, Inti, Loki, Saturn, etc. Each is related to His own pantheon and as such, has His own set of blessings or correspondences.

His relationship with the Goddess can seem complicated at times. He is both her mate and her child in an endless cycle of birth, death and rebirth.

Just as the Goddess has a Triplicate presence, so does the God. The Triple God is referenced as the Young Lord (child), the Father (protector/warrior) and King (Sage).  Just as the phases of the Moon are attributed to the Goddess, so are the Sun’s cycles attributed to the God.

  • Young Lord- Dawn
  • Father- Noon
  • King or Sage- Sun Down

The God’s life mirrors that of the life of the Sun throughout the year. He is born of the Goddess at the Winter Solstice on the longest night. Every day after that gets longer as the God gets older. He is a youth through Imbolc to the Spring Equinox. As Beltane comes around, the Sun is seen as a mature man holding his place as the Waxing Sun. He is strong and full of life, ruling over the forests and the animals that fill it. It is now that he begins his courtship and eventual mating with the Goddess. He plants His seed within Her and she is pregnant with child again. At the Summer Solstice, He is at the height of his power, as is the sun. This is the longest day of the year and so the God is at his strongest. After the solstice, as the sun begins its waning, the God begins to age and become tired. He is no longer the viral man full of strength and vigor that he was at the Spring Equinox. He is now watching the days grow every shorter until his death at Samhain as the Goddess, in Her form as Crone, is still pregnant and awaiting the birth of the God, once again, at the Winter Solstice.


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