Path to the Goddess

My path is a spiritual one, and as such, I work a lot with Deity. That’s not always the case though. There are a great many people who practice Witchcraft without any spiritual presence. For them, it’s more about spell casting, which is fine. I just personally prefer that spiritual connection.

I begin with the Goddess, as it is She that birthed us.

She is, by nature, a triplicity. The Maiden, the Mother, the Crone. Each with Her own identity.

As the Maiden, She represents the innocence of life, the new prospects beyond the horizon, the excitement of youth. She is full of raw energy.

As the Mother, She represents the life maker, the nurturer, the seed come to fruition. She is the actualization of creativity and fertility and is at her full power.

As the Crone, She represents age old wisdom, a shrewd councilor. She is full of rational insight and is generally the care-giver and advisor to all.

The Triple Goddess is referenced in two ways: First, as the 3 different aspects of the Moon (as seen in the pic at the top of this post).

The other as the Goddess Triad or different aspects or forms of a single Goddess. For example, each of these 3 Goddesses have 3 separate aspects to them:

  1. Brigid: Lady of Healing Waters, Goddess of the Sacred Flame and Goddess of the Fertile Earth.
  2. Pachamama: Pachamama Sky (Janaj Pacha), Pachamama Soil (Kay Pacha), Pachamama in Her aspect as She Who is Queen of the Underworld (Ukhu Pacha).
  3. Yemaya: Lady of the Fresh Water, Lady of the Salt Water, Lady of the Heavenly Water.

I don’t see Her as just some ephemeral entity though. This is my Mother. She is who birthed me into this life I live. Before I came to know Her, I was not alive. I was merely sustaining myself with food and drink, but I was not living.

She brings with Her a knowing and a love that I haven’t found anywhere else. She is a place I can go and be me without having to justify or explain. I can just be me.

She is my home.

That’s not to say that we don’t have disagreements from time to time, lol. But when She calls, I listen… eventually.

I didn’t have that kind of loving relationship with my own Mother growing up. That was a much more turbulent relationship than the one I now have with my Goddess.

For many years that’s how I referred to her: My Goddess.

It wasn’t until about 10 years into my practice that I began talking to Her using her many names. Isis, Cerridwen, Bast, Anu, Brigid, Pachamama, Yemaya, Freya and many more. She of 10,000 names.

I’m most comfortable with the Celtic aspects of Her nature, but I’m not limited to that pantheon by any means.

Being adopted hasn’t always been a positive thing for me, but when it comes to the different cultures and the deities they revere, being adopted gives me more freedom to work cross-culturally with regards to the deities I call on. I know I’m Scottish, Irish and German on my birth-Mother’s side, but my birth-Father is a mystery.

That’s not to say that you can only work with deities from your own ethnic/cultural background. It’s limiting to think in those terms. I like to shake things up a bit.

Of course I work with deities of my culture, as listed above (Cerridwen, Anu, Brigid, Freya, etc.), but I can also work with the deities of the land I live on. Currently that’s the Susquehannocks and the Shawnee. I can also call on my ancestors (both by blood and by adoption).

In addition to that, I can really call on any pantheon I feel connected to. More on that in another blog.

For now, sufficed to say, She is a power presence in my life and She continues to move me forward toward whatever fate has in store for me.


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