My Introduction

Welcome one and all to the Cunning Witch blog! I am the Cunning Witch.

This is a brand new blog so that’s pretty exciting! I thought I’d introduce myself to ya’ll so you can get a feel for who I am.

Back in 1990 I began looking into a new way of connecting with Creator. I had been a Christian for a number of years and it just never felt like home to me. You know that feeling—a safe comfortable place where you can just be you. Christianity never gave me that.

I always believed in a higher power, something larger and more powerful than myself. A Creator that’s out there that cares and wants to help, instead of a vengeful and angry God.

It took me a long time to figure it out for myself. There are still moments when I tweak and change and rethink what I believe, but the foundation is the same: That there is a loving caring energy that flows through the Universe connecting us all together.

  1. In the beginning was the Goddess and She created all from Her womb, the sea, every tree, rock, human, animal, insect and breeze was created by Her. From the beginning of time woman has been the creative one, birthing life forth from her body and so it stands to reason that whatever creation story you believe in had a life giving Goddess at its beginning with the sun, moon and stars pulsing forth from Her cosmic womb, giving birth to us all, one at a time, in love and beauty, strength and honor, reverence and respect. The Goddess then gave birth to Her Consort, the Horned God. I honor the God and Goddess always as They will guide me on my path. The Goddess is the Great Mother and the God is the Great Father. They are my teachers, my parents, my disciplinarians and my friends. They laugh with me in my joy, comfort me in my pain, are a calming salve when I’m angry and stand in front of me to protect me if I am afraid and in danger.
  2. I celebrate the Sabbats every year: the four Greater Sabbats- Samhain, Imbolc, Beltane and Lammas; and the four Lesser Sabbats- Spring Equinox (Ostara), Summer Solstice (Litha), Fall Equinox (Mabon) and Winter Solstice (Yule). Following the Earth’s cycles as She spins around the Wheel each year helps to keep me attuned with the rhythms of nature and the Good Green Mother Earth. It is essential to my well-being to stay in sync with these life cycles of the Earth. Birth, death and rebirth are important stages of existence to honor and learn from.
  3. I believe in magic always for it is everywhere, all around us and inside of us. It waits for each of us to tap into its latent power to bend and change the world around us for the good of all concerned. I always remember to honor my ancestors and to do my works for the good of all with harm to none. Any power or magic that we have flows through us as a conduit of the Gods and should only flow forth with love.
  4. I remember the Law of Return in all that I do for whatever I put into the world will come back to me. I live my everyday with the same spiritual intentions I carry with me into my Sacred Circle. Like Attracts Like. Live your life with respect, love and honor and you will receive these things in return. You may use ritual work and spells to aid and help yourself as long as when you are casting a spell or working magic of any kind you specifically state that It is for the good of all concerned. The reason for this is that magic, as with all energy, works through the path of least resistance. Simply including that statement in your prayers is a safety net against that.
  5. I do not believe in Satan or the Devil. These are Christian constructs used to malign my God, the Great Horned One, and I do not suffer such negativity into my life. I do not believe in Hell or any other place of punishment after death. These are also Christian constructs. My Gods would never damn me to such eternal suffering. They love me too much for such torture of a child of Their own. Hell and Satan are Christian notions used to keep their followers in line. I do not need such threats. I know that if I wrong someone or hurt someone that I am to blame for those actions. I make my own choices and I am responsible for those choices whether they are good or bad. There is no Devil making me do things. I make my own decisions for myself with the knowledge that any consequences that come my way come here, in this lifetime, not in any place of eternal damnation.
  6. As I walk my path in this life I must improve myself. To become the best that I can be will do more to honor my Gods than the most elaborate of ceremonies. My Gods are sacred. They are everywhere all the time. They are inside of me and that makes me sacred and because of that, I honor the sacred within me by exercising, eating healthily and keeping physically fit, by learning new things every day to keep me mentally fit, by meditating, praying and honoring the Goddess and God to keep me spiritually fit and by attaining balance with all things in my life to keep me emotionally fit. In these ways do I honor the sacred within me at all times.
  7. I do not believe in an authoritative hierarchy over me other than my God and Goddess. They are the only ones to decide if I am doing what I need to do to properly follow my path. Only they can bestow titles upon me and call me Priestess for any power I have has come from them first and only. Their credentials and authority entitle me to wield such power.
  8. I believe in reincarnation. I believe we are born into this life and all ‘scores’ are settled here on Earth before we move on to the Summerlands. There are many interpretations of the Summerlands, but I believe we make our own world there as we have here. I believe that when we die we have a choice. We can either stay there or be reborn here on Earth and that those who choose to come back do so in order to keep growing and bettering our souls so that one day we will finally become all that we were ever meant to be.
  9. I believe there are multiple Planes of Existence and that this Universe we inhabit is only one of them. The previously mentioned Summerlands is another. There are many others in between and each has its own kind of inhabitants. We can tap into these Planes of Existence through meditation, path working, trance work and astral projection, to name a few.
  10. I look on the Earth as my Mother. I tend to Her needs as best I can. I try to sow more than I reap and keep her clean of pollution.
  11. I am proud to be a Witch. It speaks to the very core of who I am and I behave accordingly. My path is my religion and although I don’t feel the need to run around telling everyone that I am a Witch, if they ask I will share with them in loving kindness the things I believe in. This does not mean I brag about casting spells and raising power. The ritual work you do is personal and should not be shared with those who aren’t present when the work is done. If you don’t trust someone enough to be in your circle then you shouldn’t be sharing what goes on in that circle with them.
  12. We are all students and teachers in this life. No one person can ever know everything there is to know. So when you are out in the world remember that the person standing next to you will always have something to teach you, even if all they have to teach is humility.
  13. If you make a covenant with the Gods or give your word to another, be sure to keep your word and covenant. If you don’t, you risk destroying your honor and the trust of the Gods.
  14. Your tools of magic that are use within the circle are not to be used for any other purpose. They are a means of channeling the energy that flows through you from the God and the Goddess. However, you don’t need the tools to perform rituals. All you really need is in your heart and mind. Casting a circle with your hand is just as effective as using your athame.
  15. Remember to be clean in body, mind, heart and soul as you enter the circle for ritual for the circle represents the Sacred Womb of the Mother and all entering therein should treat that space as such.
  16. Always keep in mind that the Web of Life extends outward eternally and whatever you lay in its strands will eventually spread throughout. I believe that we are all connected through this web. You, me, the dog down the street, the butterfly in Bejing, the waterfalls in Pennsylvania, the Grand Canyon in Arizona, the blade of grass in Germany, the big rock, Uluru, in Australia, the Moon, the Sun, the Stars and beyond. We are all spinning on the same web and in the same circles. Our spirits are intermingling with each other constantly so have a care to remember that in everything you do.
  17. You will set aside one day each month on the Full Moon in reverence to the Goddess as she is the Sacred Mother of all life.
  18. With regards to your Book of Shadows (BOS), there are those who insist on writing their BOS on parchment paper and hand sewing the pages together with sinew and covering them with the hides of their animal totems. While these BOS’s are very beautiful they are also impractical. A BOS is something you must add to throughout your life and while care should be taken with what you enter in the book, it should not be so tedious and painstaking that you decide to forget the whole thing. My own personal Book of Shadows is, in its entirety, contained on my computer. However, I do have separate books that I hand write rituals in and some three ring binders that contain printed pages. For me, it’s whatever is the most convenient at that time and truth be told, I’ve never had the Goddess chastise me for doing it that way. Quite honestly how you write your BOS and what you put into it is a personal choice and no one else has the right to tell you to do it differently. Remember that your path is ever changing and always growing and we must grow and change with it. The important part is honoring the Goddess and Her Consort.
  19. I am a solitary practitioner and that means that I work alone with the Gods. Everything I learn is from my God and Goddess, through the books I’ve read and the actual effort I put forth. Revering the Great Ones through this work is a great honor to them. I do not use any power in vanity, but for the glory of the Lady and Her Lord.
  20. A witch should always remember that words hold power. They aren’t just random noise falling from our lips. The words we speak have the power to help and heal or harm and even kill. Our word is our bond and our power is sacred and when we speak in circle it is a prayer to the Gods.

The above statements hold the truth for me and are my Code of Honor. Having said that, I’d also like to say that I believe in more than one way to live your life. I see life as a wheel with us at the rim, dancing our life out on the outskirts and Deity at its hub. In between are the spokes or paths that take us from life on the rim to where our Higher Power is. Witches, Christians, Native Americans, Jews, Muslims, Druids, Hindus, Buddhists and many countless others walk their own separate spokes, their own paths, to Divinity. No one is right and, consequently, no one is wrong. We are all believers and as such, I have high hopes that one day we can all walk our paths in harmony without fear of retribution from our differences.

I see no reason why it needs to be any other way. Acceptance is the key. Acceptance of who we all are—brothers and sisters, mothers and daughters, fathers and sons, nieces, nephews and cousins, husbands and wives; family one to another.

Each path is straight and true and honors Divinity in the same ways. Jesus said, “Whatever you do to the least of my brothers and sisters you do to me.” Those of the Baha’i faith say, “Be as a lamp unto them that walk in darkness, a joy to the sorrowful, a sea for the thirsty, a haven for the distressed, an upholder and defender of the victim of oppression.” Buddha said, “If you kill, lie or steal, commit adultery or drink, You dig up your own roots.” The Dalai Lama said, “This is my simple religion. There is no need for temples; no need for complicated philosophy. Our own brain, our own heart is our temple; the philosophy is kindness.” Tecumseh said, “So live your life that the fear of death can never enter your heart. Trouble no one about his religion; respect others in their view, and demand that they respect yours. Love your life, perfect your life, beautify all things in your life… Abuse no one and nothing, for abuse turns the wise ones to fools and robs the spirits of its vision.” The Hindus say, “Come together in unity. Speak in profound agreements. May your minds converge (in deep consensus). May your deliberations be uniform and united be your hearts. May you be firmly bound united in your intentions and resolve.” Kahlil Gibran said, “I love you when you bow in your mosque, kneel in your temple, pray in your church. For you and I are sons of one religion, and it is the spirit.” Wiccan Priestess Margot Adler said, “We are not evil. We don’t harm or seduce people. We are not dangerous. We are ordinary people like you. We have families, jobs, hopes, and dreams. We are not a cult. This religion is not a joke. We are not what you think we are from looking at T.V. We are real. We laugh, we cry. We are serious. We have a sense of humor. You don’t have to be afraid of us. We don’t want to convert you. And please don’t try to convert us. Just give us the same right we give you–to live in peace. We are much more similar to you than you think.”

There are many more examples of the love and kindness that exudes from all religions across this vast and great Earth. We really can all be right and we really can choose different paths and still end up at the end with the Divine Creator, however we choose to envision that entity. There is an ancient Roman saying that goes like this- “Vocatus atque non vocatus deus aderit.” – “Called or not called, the God will be there.”

Many blessings from the Cunning Witch to all of you!


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